Hi Everyone,

I stumbled upon this great article on one of the most popular colors for this season. Enjoy!


Each season, there tends to be one popular color that really jumps out at me. Cranberry, for instance, is a hot fall color trend that I definitely plan on rockin’ in the coming months. But all trends aside…there is one color that is a fall mainstay for me and has been for years. Grey is my all time favorite neutral. It’s borderline ridiculous how much of it I have in my wardrobe. It’s a good thing I do own so much grey, because fall after fall, it continues to be a color that works for me. And this fall is no exception.
You really can’t go wrong when adding grey to your fall wardrobe in this girl’s opinion. It plays well with SO many other colors. You can successfully pair it with jewel tones, pastels and even black with ease. I urge you to seek out not only grey clothing, like, my personal favorite, grey denim, but also consider grey shoes and accessories too. A hot pair of grey heels would like smashing with a cranberry frock. And a grey satchel would be a fresh alternative to a basic black one.
DISCLOSURE-BAR-701-300x34 (3)
Check out our Pinterest account for other great fall trends.

Thanks for reading!


Jodie xx


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