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Welcome to the world baby Fordham! We have a great article for you to read from Eonline. His nursery is absolutely gorgeous, and our Initial Block Blanket makes such a great touch to the room. Enjoy!
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Ashley Hebert & JP Rosenbaum’s Baby Boy Makes His Debut—Plus, Duo Talks Parenting, Picking the Name Fordham & Having More Kids!

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Our hearts are bursting from this cuteness overload!

Just a few weeks after welcoming their first child, Bachelorette stars Ashley Hebert andJP Rosenbaum have introduced their absolutely adorable baby boy Fordham Rhys Rosenbaum to the world, and exclusively spoke to E! News about all things baby— including adjusting to parenthood, picking out such a unique name and whether or not more children are in their future.

“It’s so hard naming a human being,” the couple tells us. “Well, we knew we wanted a name that was unique, masculine and would be a good fit throughout every stage of his life. We must have gone through every name on the planet! Many of the names were actually New York-inspired. Ashley thought of ‘Fordham’ and it just clicked with us. We also figured it be a great name if some day he wanted to be President.”

(No pressure, Ford.)

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Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

As for how their little world leader is doing, the new parents say, “He is such a good baby! He sleeps well, he eats well, he’s healthy and happy. We know it’s only been two weeks, but we are definitely spoiled.”

JP, who noted that he’s now making the transition back to work since his son’s birth, couldn’t help but gush about his ladylove’s maternal instinct. “Ashley was born to be a mom. She has such a motherly way about her. She is totally in love with this child and it shows in every ounce of her being. She is just glowing.”

And the feeling was mutual. “Seeing JP as a father has made me love him even more,” Ashley tells us. “He helped tremendously during a long recovery and seeing him care so deeply for our family has brought us even closer together.”

The new mom added, “I’ve always imagined what it would be like to be a mom and love someone more than everything. Nothing could prepare me for the amount of love and adoration I feel for our little boy. Being a mother has brought a sense of peace to my life and has shown me what really matters.”

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Near the end of Ashley’s pregnancy, the pair decided to move to Miami and settle down there. Hebert and Rosenbaum got themselves a place and went straight to work on the baby’s nursery with the help of Vanessa Antonelli.

“It’s definitely our favorite room in the apartment. Ashley worked with Vanessa Antonelli to create the perfect nursery and she wasn’t disappointed! Ashley didn’t want too much of a baby-themed nursery, but more of a masculine room that Ford could enjoy for years to come. We always find ourselves in the nursery admiring all the little details. It’s a very warm and inviting room,” JP tells us.

Antonelli explains to E! News the idea behind Fordham’s nursery theme. “Ashley and JP have many memories of traveling together, so the nursery features a subtle travel theme…There’s also accessories throughout the room like sailboats, maps and airplanes that complement the theme without being too over the top. The color palette is neutral tans, beiges, grays and creams, which is exactly what Ashley wanted.”

So, are more babies in the lovebird’s future? “I think so! We are going to enjoy this one for a while, but we both feel it would be nice to give Ford a brother or sister.”

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Designed by Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby. Photo Credit: Ricky Stern Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Designed by Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby. Photo Credit: Ricky Stern Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Designed by Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby. Photo Credit: Ricky Stern Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Ashley Hebert, JP Rosenbaum, Fordham

Christina Mendoza of Tutti Bambini Photography

Make sure to catch our interview with Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. & 11 p.m.

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Butterscotch Blankees Babylove Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

One of our favorite mommy blogs My Silly Monkeys is doing a Butterscotch Blankees giveaway! They were also nice enough to write a very nice article about our blankets, you can read an excerpt of the article below. You can also enter in the contest here as well as read the full article.  Enjoy!




During the Holidays we did a Butterscotch Blankees Review. If you read the review you will see how much I love personalized gifts and how impressed I was with the quality and workmanship on these blankets. Now you can begin to imagine how absolutely ecstatic I was that they wanted to take part in our #BabyLove event!



Aren’t these baby hats absolutely adorable?

Since I am not going to find out what baby is I decided to choose a personalized blanket for Princess Dot. Her birthday was coming up and she keeps stealing RyRy’s Butterscotch Blankee so I knew she would love one of her own!


These blankets come in the cutest packaging ever! They look just like a piece of butterscotch candy and are perfect for gift giving on birthdays, holidays, baby showers or just because.

When we received it I actually got a little misty eyed. It’s PERFECT! I love the way her name looks on her owl blanket just like I loved the way Rylen’s looked on his Personalized Guitar Blanket. I think Dot’s face says exactly how she felt about receiving her adorable owl blanket. She was so excited!


The quality is absolutely amazing, there are absolutely no flaws and I’m super excited to say that the blankets wash up very nicely. There is absolutely no shrinkage or fading, so the blanket you receive looks just as nice once it’s washed. These blankets are going to last for a very long time!



During my last review I stated that “The quality is absolutely amazing! I have received other personalized blankets before and none of them are as perfect, soft, cuddly and amazing as Butterscotch Blankees! There are no flaws on the front or back. The print is clear and readable, she even spelled Ry’s name right and it looks awesome on the blanket!”
For Dot’s blanket I can ditto that statement 100%, well with the exception of that she spelled Zylie’s name right on her blanket.


I really wish they made giant blankets for my bed because I may or may not try to cuddle with Ry or Dot’s blankets! They do offer 400 or 1000 count Duvet and/or Shams for purchase but I love these handcrafted blankets more.



Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway!

xx Jodie

New Butterscotch Blankees Bedding Line!

Hi Everyone!

Very exciting news! Butterscotch Blankees will be releasing a new line of monogrammed bedding for you monogram enthusiasts out there, including pillows, sheets, comforters, and blankets. The styles pictured below are just the tip of the iceberg as all styles will be available in numerous fonts and colors. Bedding can serve as a fabulous wedding gift or housewarming gift for family and loved ones.  They will be up on the website for purchasing soon! I heard this quote the other day and thought I would share:

“My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own.

My rule is, if it’s not moving — monogram it!”

– Reese Witherspoon

Reese, we coulding agree more!!



IMG_1538 IMG_1529

Thank you for reading!

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Butterscotch Blankees in US Weekly!

Hi Everyone! Fans of Butterscotch Blankees,  Kourtney, Scott, and Mason were photographed have a lovely time tubing as a family this weekend, wearing their Butterscotch Blankees gear! We can only hope that they were kept warm by our signature skull … Continue reading

Butterscotch Blankees Announces New Bedding Line!

Hi Everyone,

We at Butterscotch Blankees would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped up get where we are today. I never expected to grow my idea into a career and a successful business, but look at us now! We love to provide the highest in quality and style to our clients, and so the dream continues. We have decided to add on to our Blankee business, and try to take on something new and exciting!

Presenting the first draft of our new bedding line…

We hope you like it, and any feedback is encouraged!

xx Jodie

Check ButterScotch Blankees Out on Southern Brides Blog!

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to say that our friends at Southern Bride have decided to do a blog post about us today! Thank you girls!

“Today on the SB Blog we have Butterscotch Blankees! This adorable company makes personalized gifts with love! Custom blankets and pillows make for the perfect gift for a newly married couple.

In a number of styles and colors, Butterscotch Blankees has a variety of blankets and pillows to choose from. They not only look wonderful and add a decorative touch, but they are so soft and cozy too!

Butterscotch Blankees offers many more great gift ideas and for all occasions. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift they have personalized blankets, hats, clothing, stroller blankets and more.

A personalized item is one of the most special gifts one can receive and we simply love the options Butterscotch Blankees offers.”

Read the full article here!

20 Baby Shower & New Mom Gifts That Will Have Them in ‘Awww’!

Butterscotch Blankees is honored to have been featured in PEOPLE Magazine’s list of 20 Baby Shower Items & New Mom Gifts That Will Have Them in Awww!.

Here is what they wrote about us:


When it comes to keeping their babies bundled, Jennifer GarnerKourtneyKardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker get all wrapped up in Butterscotch Blankees. Available in a variety of fun prints (everything from hearts and cupcakes to footballs and motorcycles), the dual-color blankets are crafted from your choice of acrylic or cashmere and can be personalized for your pint-size sweetheart.

Also included were some very cool strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, and these cute little undies!

View the full list of items here.

Thanks for reading!

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