Butterscotch Blankees Interview with Dual Show

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to “sit down” with  from one of our favorite lifestyle sites Dual Show. Read the full interview below!

Family is important, no question. But for Jodie Roth of Butterscotch Blankees (we love that name, by the way), family was her biggest inspiration. Butterscotch Blankees all started when Roth was looking for something snuggly and trendy to accent her son’s nursery. Not finding anything she liked online, Roth did what creative geniuses do best—she designed her own, and now her custom blankets and pillows are certainly getting noticed.

With the start of a new year, Butterscotch Blankees is expanding its line of knitwear. Currently, you can find an amazing collection of blankets, pillows, stroller throws, hats, scarves, sweaters and dresses for your little ones. Already, that’s a pretty impressive list of cuddly accessories; but Roth isn’t stopping there. Later this year, Butterscotch Blankees expects to launch an entire bedding collection to help turn a whole bedroom into a snuggle space.

To get to know Roth a little bit better, we thought we’d share her 15 Life Lessons because, let’s face it, mamma generally knows best, and Roth has some great motherly words of wisdom.

Life Lessons from Jodie Roth of Butterscotch Blankees

1. Try to always live in the moment.

2. Do some form of exercise 30 minutes a day.

3. Listen and learn.

4. Always have a great cashmere wrap to throw over any outfit to go from day to night.

5. Follow your heart, not your mind.

6. Follow your passion to start a business. It will get you further.

7. Treat yourself once a month to a “splurge” item.

8. Great ideas come when you least expect them.

9. Obsessed with monogram ANYTHING.

10. The perfect bag dresses up any outfit.

11. Woman should wear a man’s watch.

12. Finding your inner strength takes patience.

13. When speaking to someone, always look them in the eye.

14. Be your own brand.

15. Honesty and humility are key to life.

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New Butterscotch Blankees Bedding Line!

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Very exciting news! Butterscotch Blankees will be releasing a new line of monogrammed bedding for you monogram enthusiasts out there, including pillows, sheets, comforters, and blankets. The styles pictured below are just the tip of the iceberg as all styles will be available in numerous fonts and colors. Bedding can serve as a fabulous wedding gift or housewarming gift for family and loved ones.  They will be up on the website for purchasing soon! I heard this quote the other day and thought I would share:

“My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own.

My rule is, if it’s not moving — monogram it!”

– Reese Witherspoon

Reese, we coulding agree more!!



IMG_1538 IMG_1529

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Butterscotch Blankees in US Weekly!

Hi Everyone! Fans of Butterscotch Blankees,  Kourtney, Scott, and Mason were photographed have a lovely time tubing as a family this weekend, wearing their Butterscotch Blankees gear! We can only hope that they were kept warm by our signature skull … Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Butterscotch Blankees!

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Happy Holidays from Butterscotch Blankees! I’m sure you all have been very busy with the holidays upon us. If you are having trouble deciding what to get your loved ones, a personalized blanket, hat, or scarf is always nice and comes from the heart :) Not to mention they keep you warm! Check out our new, easily accessible site to finish up your holiday shopping now! http://ow.ly/g5D5J



Butterscotch Blankees Announces New Bedding Line!

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We at Butterscotch Blankees would like to thank all of our supporters who have helped up get where we are today. I never expected to grow my idea into a career and a successful business, but look at us now! We love to provide the highest in quality and style to our clients, and so the dream continues. We have decided to add on to our Blankee business, and try to take on something new and exciting!

Presenting the first draft of our new bedding line…

We hope you like it, and any feedback is encouraged!

xx Jodie

We Love Our Friends At Project Nursery!

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We would just like to say that Butterscotch Blankees is honored to be featured in Michelle Freedberg’s adorable and chic Bellini & The Bean’s Closet. She has also just recently written about us on one of our favorite blogs Project Nursery, where she is a contributing writer. We are beyond excited to be mentioned in such respected localities.

To go with the theme of the new window display in her New York City store in which she will displaying her version of “Love.”, Michelle will be featuring one of our favorite designs, our personalized heart pillow seen below.

Please go to Project Nursery to read the full article here.

You can also find many of our designs at Michelle’s store Bellini


As well as online at her adorable and convienient baby registry, TheBeansCloset.com.



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