Lunch Pails & Lipstick Love Butterscotch Blankees

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One of our favorite lifestyle blogs Lunch Pails & Lipstick recently wrote a very nice article about our blankets. This blog is fantastic for all things mommy, curated and edited by three really cool women. You all should definitely check them out! They write fabulous and up to date articles about fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and much more!

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My kids have also been loving our new butterscotch blankees throw.  They use it while playing games & dolls and every night fight over who gets to sleep with it. We LOVE this company that has been seen in US Weekly magazine!  They make personalized kid’s items including blankets, beanies and scarves.  They are amazingly soft and wash super well!

This week Butterscotch Blankees has 10% off for our readers!
Go to to see all their great stuff.  Code: lunchpails
These make fantastic gifts too!

Thank you again Lunch Pails & Lipstick and thank you all for reading!

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Bill & Giuliana Rancic’s New Baby!

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Normally on a Sunday afternoon I would be out at the beach with my family, but today I am writing from my home in the middle of tropical storm Isaac. While the storm outside has actually been pretty mild, it has given me a chance to get some work done, while catching up on all of the recent celebrity news happenings. One of my favorite couples in the business, Bill & Giuliana Rancic are about to get there new baby! They both seem to be such sweet people and have been through a lot considering Giuliana’s brush with cancer. I can’t think of two people more loving of each other, and more deserving of starting their own family.

Since the first time I heard about Giuliana & Bill’s plan to have a surrogate carry their baby, I’ve been totally obsessed with the concept. We live in such an amazing time, where parents who otherwise could not have a child can now experience being a mother and a father to the fullest extent with the help of a gestational carrier. While I personally think carrying my children was an amazing experience that I would not give up for anything, its kind of amazing to have a child that is genetically their own without actually going through the birth process.


It is something to consider if you have $100,000 to spend on the whole process, from legal fees, to medical care, and paying the surrogate for her services.  Having children with someone you love is the most beautiful part of life, no matter what the price is, it is beyond worth it.


They have not revealed what the sex of the child will be as they would like to keep it a secret for the two of them to share. How sweet! This is going to be one lucky, good looking baby. I wish the best for a healthy delivery and once we know the sex and name of the baby I will be sure to send them a personalized butterscotch blankee or two!

xx Jodie

Friend of Butterscotch Blankees-Anya Sarre, Introduces New Son Sawyer

Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre and her husband Tim are loving parenthood! The Head Fashion Stylist for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider gave birth to the couple’s first child – a son named Sawyer William – on July 14.

The new mom introduces her beautiful boy and opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of early motherhood, taking placenta capsules, her “fantastic” newborn son who is “loving the Malibu lifestyle,” and the “pointless” hairdo the morning of Sawyer’s birth.

CBS: Congratulation on the birth of Sawyer! How are you feeling?

AS: “I feel great and so lucky! All my years of night-before-the-Oscars-Red-Carpet-styling prepared me for the ‘no sleep.’ I have been taking my placenta capsules to help with my energy, mood, and well-being from I know how lucky I am that Sawyer is such a calm, happy, healthy baby.”

CBS: How is Sawyer doing?

AS: “Baby Sawyer is fantastic! He is a morning baby who changes his outfit about 4 times a day. He has already had 3 photo shoots and he is loving the Malibu lifestyle and ocean view.

He feels very at home in his nautical-themed nursery, complete with patterned curtains fromCarousel Designs, monogrammed blankets from Butterscotch Blankees, and a custom rocker from Newco International. His favorite diapers are “G” Diapers and he loves the EcoStore baby product line. His favorite time of day is when he gets to hang out with his dad in the man cave.”

CBS: How is early motherhood?

AS: “It is amazing. I love those magical moments with him. He is sleeping in the hand-carved cradle that my grandfather made for me when I was born  – I just added a few monograms to it. It is really special to keep family traditions as well as creating my own new ones. It’s all still so new and exciting. Everyone’s been so nice and so generous with their advice and tips and tricks.”

CBS: How was the birth?

AS: “Wow! No matter how many books you read or classes you take, nothing can prepare you for that ‘situation’ called birth! My team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center were rockstars and my husband gets a medal for having to endure me throwing ice chips at him. Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz is the best in the business and somehow I survived that 16 hour labor. Finding out I had a baby boy, after 10 months of not knowing, really was a special moment.

I must admit though, my blowout at DryBar that morning was pretty pointless!”

For more on Anya, check out her official website.

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Why Tory Burch is the Smartest/Luckiest Woman in the Business

I admittedly  have a lot of vices (chocolate, dirty martinis, Chanel). But one of my most unshakable vices is actually a healthy one. I am addicted to NPR. I listen to it every morning on the way to work (Fresh Air) and every night (Marketplace) with one of the fantasy loves of my life Kai Ryssdal.

Today on marketplace the theme was risk in business and I was delighted to hear they would be speaking to one of the most successful women in the fashion industry, Tory Burch. She is just the best. She just gets the perfect balance of leather and gold hardware appropriate for handbags.

She is an inspiration to all business women everywhere. Here are some interesting things about Tory Burch that I did not know that make me love her even more than I did yesterday, and also, my favorite stuff from her summer and pre-fall collections (some of which is on sale!)

1. Tory has three brothers and she never thought being a woman was particularly more difficult than being a man, in business or in life. I think this is an important message to send out to young business women everywhere. She does too. Tory has started a fund to give female entrepreneurs micro-loans to start small businesses in the US. Very cool!

2. Tory Burch the brand brings in 800 million dollars a year in revenue.

3. Tory Burch has 72  stores worldwide. She said even though the financial risk of opening up her first store in New York was a lot higher than her 72’nd store in Singapore, she still feels the same about of nerves when doing so. Her humbleness is as endearing as her style!

4. Tory Burch has only been in business for 8 years. Eight years!

5. A year into Tory’s launch, Oprah asked her to be on her show as “one of the next big things in fashion” and the next day she had 8 million hits on her website. Tory said that when looking to open stores in new locations her team looks at where her e-commerce business is coming from. Smart!

Sounds like a dream come true to me. Thanks for reading, more to come!

xx Jodie