Neiman Marcus + Target = LOVE

Hi Guys,

Today I learned about a very exciting new partnership in the works. Neiman Marcus and Target have decided to team up in a really smart new project and I could not be more ecstatic about it. Neiman’s has partnered with Target Style, the clothing brand Target owns and sells in their stores.  They will be creating a collection during the December shopping season which they will almost positively call a “Holiday” line.

Now here is the best part- the designers they will be partnering with include but are not limited to: Marc Jacobs IntlOscar de la RentaProenza SchoulerJason Wu, MarchesaTory Burch, and Diane von Furstenberg. DVF is partnering with Target. Is this real life? Now I know what you may be thinking, why are these brands risking cheapening their “High Fashion” reputation by parneting with Target. That is simple, money. Just because the items Neiman’s sells are much more expensive does not mean they are not in financial trouble just like every other part of the country. There are 42 Neiman Marcus stores and about 1,700 Target stores in the country,  do the math.

I say bravo to Neimans for taking a chance with this, and also to all the designers who agreed to be involved. This is the future of fashion. Brands must either adapt, or fail. People with money shop at both Target and Neiman’s but no one without a bunch of money to burn would just drop into Neimans for a look around. This partnership will bring a lot of new traffic into Neiman’s, and if it will be anything like the Missoni + Target partnership last year, everything will be sold out in days. The same collection will be available in both Target and Neiman’s so let’s  just hope we all can get in there and check out the collection before its gone.

Thanks for reading.

xx Jodie


One thought on “Neiman Marcus + Target = LOVE

  1. I am horrified by this move it just cheapens the brand in my view. They don’t realise what this looks like to their loyal real clientele. Once a high-end brand like Neiman Marcus does such a thing, like words once released, they can never go back. I will never look at them the same again.

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