Modern Love

Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday! Today I am spending the day watching the finals of Wimbledon and surfing around my new favorite website obsession,


The website was actually recommended to me when I signed up for WordPress as a blog to follow. Well, WordPress apparently knows me better than I know myself.  I would have never sought this website out on my own, but when I saw the quality of the content,  I just had to keep reading!

This website focuses on the hottest trends in modern design, and they focus a lot on modern home decor. My personal style is very traditional, and actually very preppy if I’m being honest. Home decor that inspires me the most has always been Ralph Lauren. So classic and clean. If anyone were to walk in my house they would know it is far too late for me to go modern with my home. I do love the style though, especially the bright colored furniture. I hope you all can expand your view of what is chic and luxurious, and check out this site. Below is a small portion of things I saw today, my personal favorites. If you want to learn more about each item, just click through as I’ve added the links.

Mr Smith the Second is a multi-colored laminated beech chair by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley.


MONI SHELVING BY CARME PINÓS. From Estudio Carme Pinós, a modular shelving system made of 2mm thick folded steel with various depths.

Méo Shelf by Olivier Desrochers.

Thanks for reading! More to come…

xx Jodie


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